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U.F.O. Hijinks

Vaughn Reid is having entirely too much fun off Highway 10, near Clawson, in Central Utah.  Reid is a 72-year-old retired steel worker, machinist, and blacksmith who decided to do something with his collection of junk left behind by previous generations.  He and his buddy, Rich Fairbanks, combine metal, wood, and mystery scraps into large-scale pieces […]

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Blue House/Blue Studio

    The lyicral figures oozing onto the façade are just the beginning. This Salt Lake City storefront, which used to house an auto shop, has been slowly morphing for close to 30 years – so slowly that few residents take notice. Swooping graphics about Raphael’s Stradivarius are scrawled below the roofline beneath an expanding […]

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Herman Bruschke’s Beech

In the Jewish section of the City Cemetery at Fourth Avenue and R Street stands the largest European beech tree in Utah. From the street it may not appear extraordinary, yet it is at least 60 feet tall and is so wide that two adults cannot wrap their arms around its massive trunk. The leaves, […]

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