U.F.O. Hijinks

UFO Landing

Vaughn Reid is having entirely too much fun off Highway 10, near Clawson, in Central Utah.  Reid is a 72-year-old retired steel worker, machinist, and blacksmith who decided to do something with his collection of junk left behind by previous generations.  He and his buddy, Rich Fairbanks, combine metal, wood, and mystery scraps into large-scale pieces for their own entertainment — and that of any passersby.

UFO spinning orb

The stark landscape provides a perfect foil for their surprises.


Wind-powered motion and solar-powered lighting make them a compelling reason to pull off the highway for a closer look.

UFO Scene

The arrow on the right is carved from a telephone pole, so you get an idea of the scale on which they work.  They like to think of the arrow as being hurtled to earth by Orion the Archer.  Their Museum of Creativity is up the road from this site.  If you’ve come this far, you might as well see the rest.


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